The perfect solution to lose volume

LYPOCRYO is the perfect procedure to reduce volume in the abdomen or to lose fat in localized areas.

How do we achieve those results? Through the analysis of several observations and studies, it has been possible to deduce that the adipose tissue is preferentially sensitive to cold exposure, our main action point.

Some examples:

  • Popsicle Panniculitis: a cold induced fat necrosis in children due to buccal fatty tissue inflammation after a prolonged contact with frozen food (ice creams).
  • Equestrian Panniculitis: damaging of the adipose tissue of contact areas in amazon women after riding horse with tight pants in cold countries.

Step by step process

LIPOCRYO introduces cooling in the adipose tissue (a process of heat extraction from the tissue) through a selective and controlled procedure in order to reach a temperature of less than 10ºC at the level of adipocytes during a given time and thus cause crystallization.